Every day, in every county in New York, individuals, schools, businesses, entrepreneurs, local governments, families and communities depend on Cornell to turn discoveries into real-world solutions. As the state’s land-grant university, Cornell was founded to create knowledge with a public purpose and help ensure a vibrant, healthy future for all New Yorkers.

CCE helps NY residents, businesses and communities thrive.

Experts at work

Collaborations and impact

Krystyn Van Vliet forges interdisciplinary collaborations to generate new knowledge and translate discoveries into impact.

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Local Government

Mildred Warner focuses on restructuring local government services to create sustainable and equitable communities.

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Indigenous History

Kurt Jordan uses archaeology and anthropology to understand and connect to North American Indigenous communities around New York.

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Sustainable Farming

Steve Reiners’ work is designed to maintain and enhance the profitability and sustainability of New York vegetable farmers.

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Sustainable Energy

Max Zhang develops systems to make energy and communities more sustainable.

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Health Policy

Isabel Perera focuses on labor’s influence on social welfare and how to bolster mental health policy.

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Health and Nutrition

Roger Figeroa examines factors that affect health outcomes, with a focus on children’s nutrition in underrepresented and low-income communities.

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Environmental Health

Elizabeth Lamb works to find effective and economical methods of managing pests that also protect the environment and human health.

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Health Outcomes and Equity

Angela Odoms-Young develops culturally responsive programs and policies that promote health equity and food justice.

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